Update on school construction in September

Final spurt in school construction

› The final painting is completed, the windows and doors have window panes, gutters are in place, walkways are being staked out around the school building and new grass is being planted. The first building is as good as finished and will provide space for 400 pupils and teaching staff in the future. A few small things like sockets and light switches still need to be installed – but then we can soon turn our attention to the interior design of the classrooms and offices.

Two ten-thousand-litre water tanks are currently being installed and connected to the rain gutters of the buildings, so that we can currently collect a total of thirty thousand litres of water on the property, filter it and use it for our own needs. The toilet building is also taking shape more and more, has received its final exterior paint and will now be tiled and equipped with washbasins in the next and final step.

Important at this stage: Put up a fence around our compound to secure it. Because of the processed materials, the stored materials like washbasins etc. the whole property has gained a high value and attracts thieves. Therefore, we have started to fence the whole compound and secure it with barbed wire. In addition, our construction workers are currently living on the site, replacing a security service at the moment – but which will be unavoidable in the future. The fence is now enormously important and even though we have not yet found a project donor for it, we had to take this step.

Overall, we are very happy with the progress of the construction and the current result. We are looking forward to seeing how things progress over the next few months and are happy about any financial support.




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