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Status: 21.08.2022

Kitchen facility

Very few people in Uganda have a kitchen in the house to cook their food. Therefore, the meal is always prepared on the ground. On the typical red earth of Uganda, between some stones and collected wood, there is the fireplace, often protected from wind and rain by some beams. Usually there is rice or mashed potatoes, sometimes even a small chicken. The water for this has to be carried in canisters from wells in the surrounding area.

All the children from our sponsorship project know only such cooking possibilities. It is predictable that in such a kitchen not much attention can be paid to stray animals, vermin and hygiene. We dream of building a dining hall for all students and teachers on the school campus, which will provide protection from wind, weather and animals, as well as enough space for utensils and storage. It will also be joined by an appropriately sized dining hall for all children with tables, chairs and dishwashing facilities.

Can you already hear the happy and boisterous laughter of the many students during lunch, who no longer have to worry about the next meal? Be one of them and join our dream!

15.000 Euro outstanding
11.000 Euro donated


Dining Hall

All students will have breakfast and lunch every day at our new school. For this we need a dining room where the children can sit and eat. For this we are renovating a part of the existing building and will use it as a dining room.

16.950 Euro outstanding
50 Euro donated


Fence - entrance gate

To protect the property, the buildings and everything inside the buildings, we need a fence around the property and a gate at the entrance.

2.000 Euro outstanding
10.000 Euro donated

Sanitary facility

Hygiene is often very neglected due to poverty and lack of education. We not only want to teach reading and writing, but also to show the children and their families that small habits can prevent a variety of diseases. Washing hands before meals and after toileting, as well as brushing teeth and caring for wounds, is something we want each of our children to learn. Our planned restroom facilities with ample washing facilities may be a wonderful invitation for healthy personal hygiene for all students and teachers. Because a healthy child learns better 🙂

13.000 Euro outstanding
0 Euro donated

Photovoltaic system

This project will eventually provide electricity to 1500 Ugandan school children, allowing them to extend their learning time, have access to a computer, and provide online resources to teachers.

Most school children in rural areas attend schools without electricity, leaving them without power for lighting, computers, internet, printers, and more. This has a huge impact on their education. Without lighting, they have very limited reading and study time; without computers, they cannot learn computer skills; without the Internet, they are cut off from the world of free educational tools and resources; and without printers, it is very difficult for teachers to produce important classroom materials.

This project will provide a the compound with solar energy, allowing the children to receive a better education. It is anticipated that the increased learning time, access to computers and the internet, and the increased quantity and quality of printed materials will greatly improve the educational attainment of these students, giving them the tools to move out of poverty.

39.000 Euro outstanding
0 Euro donated

Toilet house

completely donated


One of the requirements in Uganda to run a school is: a playground and a sports facility. The government requires such recreational and sports facilities on the school property so that the children have a balance. For this we need your help.

completely donated

School building: First school building

Our wish as a team of PMCO is to enable children in Uganda to attend school through many sponsorships. For this we give everything and are now building our own school and training center in an area where there is nothing like this yet. This dream is supported by many generous people, and now we are again a huge step closer. Because an organization has come forward that wants to finance the complete amount for the construction of the first school building. 45.000 Euro. WOW!!!

But we are not resting on our laurels, but are determined to continue towards our dream, because toilet facilities, dormitories and the kitchen will soon be urgently needed.

completely donated

Paving and tarring the road on the property

completely donated


Our property is located on a green-covered hill, in the middle of Mityana district. Due to its flat surface on the platform, it offers a good all-round view. At the edge of the property there is also a well, which is fully functional and provides enough water for our ongoing construction work. Here we overlook the whole wider area, looking out over the surrounding hills and into the valley where the town of Mityana itself is located. A former stable and a brick and roofed building also exist there and are used by the construction workers and our team during the construction phase.

The property now officially belongs to PMCO. But already at the end of May we will have to pay the balance of 18.000 Euro. Are you with us and support us to raise this amount?

Be there and buy 100 m² – 100 m² costs 200 €.

<-- Updates to the property

Update Property 6/20/2021:
Due to the Covid situation the purchase of the land is delayed a bit, but the school construction is still in full swing. The land is secured by the down payment and that the bank has all the important documents. The total amount for the land could be collected because of a private loan, but there are still 4600 Euro missing to pay back this loan in time. We are happy about every donation.


Update plot 12.03.2021:
Excavators and bulldozers push their way up the still unfinished access road to our new plot of land, on a green-covered hill in the middle of one of the poorest districts in Uganda. Our dream is taking shape. And while the fence posts are still being set along the property lines, our project looks like a great ray of hope shining over the vast and rural area.

Construction has begun! See The land is now officially owned by PMCO. But already at the end of May we will have to pay the balance of 18.000 Euro. Are you with us and support us to lift this amount?


Update plot 02/18/2021:
We have officially bought the plot and paid a deposit of 22,000 euros to the seller. During the negotiation talks, the generous seller gave us a 4-month extension for the remaining amount of 18,000 euros. We are sure that together with you we will reach this goal and our good reputation in Mityana will continue to spread. Are you with us and support us to raise this amount?

Meanwhile, the construction on our new plot has already started:


Update Plot 11/25/2020:
Our long awaited NGO certificate has finally been issued. Due to Corona and the long lockdown time in Uganda it took us more time than originally planned. With this certificate in our pocket we looked again for suitable land for our dream. However, since our intention to buy 1.5 years ago, land prices in Uganda had risen sharply. One of the originally planned plots was therefore no longer affordable for us and we continued our search. In fact, after a few detours, we found an even better plot for the total price of 40,000 Euros (4 acre = approx. 16,000m2).

It is located on a green-covered hill, in the middle of the district of Mityana. Its flat surface on the platform makes it easier to build houses than on slopes. There is also a well on the edge of the property, which is fully functional and has already been tried out by our team. Here you can overlook the whole wider area, looking out over the surrounding hills and into the valley, where the town of Mityana itself is located. A former stable and a brick and roofed building are also there.

completely donated

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