The whole world suffers from this war

› The war is also making itself felt in Uganda. Wheat and cooking oil prices climb noticeably high. But it is here that the poor suffer the most, because until recently they did not earn any money from the corona crisis. Now her daily wages are barely enough for one necessary meal. All our children come from such families. Through our emergency aid during the two-year lockdown in Uganda we were able to ensure their survival.

The PMCO children receive regular meals at school. But at the weekend and during the holidays, the relatives with whom the children then live try to provide food. This is hardly possible for many of our families, especially due to the current price increases.

We take exclusively needy families into our school program, but couldn't wait long to see that we can pay the children's school fees, but the children and their families are missing everything else that is vital. So we got one a while ago livelihood sponsorship brought to life.

If you are like us and it breaks your heart that the poorest of the poor are suffering from wars thousands of kilometers away and there is no way to escape from malnutrition, forced marriage and modern slavery, then take out a livelihood sponsorship today . Because, despite the terrible war in Ukraine, we will don't forget the rest of the world. Now more than ever, children need ours Protection.

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