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The whole world suffers from this war The war is also making itself felt in Uganda. Wheat and cooking oil prices are climbing remarkably. But here the poor suffer the...

Instagram fundraiser

Until 31.03. runs a donation cation. Here a mega thank you to: The initiator: Here the link to the donation cation: Also a thank you to the following...

Online meeting 15.03.2022

Get to know the children's aid organization PMCO Uganda e.V. In this meeting we will introduce our association, our activities in Uganda and possible areas of your engagement. We are...

Video update September from Ray & Juli from Uganda

Help now: PayPal - Quick and easy Please click here: Please provide the following information: PMCO Uganda + address for donation receipt transfer PMCO Uganda e.V. German Skatbank IBAN: DE83830654080004238907...

TPG and ApoNow donate 6000 euros to children’s aid project in Uganda

Press release TPG and ApoNow donate 6000 euros to children's aid project in Uganda Helping children to help themselves: Education is the best vaccine against poverty Poverty makes people hopeless....

Advent and Christmas greetings from Thomas Bleile and PMCO from Uganda in Africa

An exciting time lies behind Thomas. In November he was in Uganda for a few days to visit our school campus and all the families. Besides that, there were of...

These are our current projects


For these children we are looking for sponsors


Über uns und was wir tun


Family Bleile (Germany)

Our dream as a couple has been to help disadvantaged children for a long time. After various projects, such as setting up a church children’s ministry, training as daycare parents and applying to be foster parents, we found ourselves on a trip to Africa where we were shocked by the plight of the children. We were traveling there as a family to visit a good friend and wanted to get to know a children’s home in Mityana, which we were already supporting financially. But when we saw the hopelessness of the children, our hearts broke and we decided to do everything we could to give these children hope and a future again. The poverty of these orphans and street children is incomprehensibly terrible, so that for them life has hardly any value. We want to give them this value through hope in the form of education and the most basic needs and equip them for a future worth living.

Family Bär & Gemperle (Switzerland)

…even if we can’t change the whole world, we want to make our contribution to make the world a better place for a few children…..
We are two families who came across the needs of Uganda’s children by “chance” and realized how much we can achieve with relatively little. We do not only want to think: “we have to do something”. We want to do something. Even if we can’t change the whole world, we want to make our contribution to make the world a better place for a few children. With our commitment, perseverance, planning joy and a lot of love, we want to further develop this association. In August 2020 we met Thomas Bleile from the German association PMCO. PMCO has also been active in Mityana Uganda for two years already. Since our visions and goals coincide, the two associations have decided to merge. Together we can move forward faster and can bundle many synergies and resources.

Our Team

Our dedicated team consists exclusively of volunteers in Germany and Africa. The evangelical pastor and IT specialist Thomas Bleile from Munich, together with his wife Michaela, already supported a children’s home in Mityana financially and organizationally. After the lease for the land and building expired at the end of 2018 and the end of childcare was imminent, they decided to take matters into their own hands together with a committed local team.

School education

Fighting poverty through education. Education is one of our most important goals. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to enable many children in the Mityana district to attend school. We provide them with everything they need, such as school clothing and materials and regular meals. In addition, we support the expansion of our training center in order to give the students a chance for the future after graduation.

Lasting change

Our sponsored children carry their future opportunities into their families. Hope for a better life for the offspring and for themselves spurs grandparents and parents to release the child to learn and study. But our help does not only have a positive effect on their own families. Because if the unemployment in the district Mityana sinks, also the poverty will decrease and the society will improve lastingly. We also offer our apprenticeships not only to our own students. Our goal is to fight poverty through education.

Das sind wir

Das Team

Thomas Bleile

Founder PMCO Uganda e.V.
Honorary in charge of the overall PMCO association in Germany

Daniel Bär

Founder Solid Foundation Charity

Honorary in charge of the overall association Solid Foundation Charity

Berit Becker

Fundraising & Travel coordination

Volunteer in fundraising and travel coordination responsibilities

Simona Rennerova


Click here to see the video of Simona

Raymond Aliganyira

Director and Management
Voluntary full-time responsible for PMCO in Uganda

Andreas Gemperle


Thomas Engels

Sponsor Management
Voluntary responsibility in the area of sponsor management.

Rebecca Bauer


Michaela Bleile


Honorary responsibility in the area of finance and donation processing.

Click here to see the video of Michaela

Petr Cechura

Finance & Controlling

Honorary responsibility in the area of finance and controlling.

Ingrid Bleile

Marketing & Fundraising

Voluntary responsibility in the area of marketing.


Click here to see the video of Ingrid

Julia Aliganyira

Social Media & Content Management and Operation

Volunteer in charge of PMCO Uganda

Bobby Reqica

Social Media & Finance Management and Controlling

Volunteer in Finance for PMCO Uganda

Thank you for all who stand behind PMCO and support these great projects to improve the educational situation.


Our circle of friends and supporters

Helping people to help themselves is the term used to describe the principle of taking measures that enable people in need to help themselves or to organize their own help.


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