A day for our kids

To be a child once. Romping, laughing, eating something special.

› The children were the focus of our PMCO Fun Day. There were balloons, team games, chips and a big portion of fun.

One of the most valuable things we can and want to give our children is time and attention – two things many of the kids don’t get otherwise, or only rarely. Time to be a child, to not have to be quiet, to spend time with friends and to have fun – that was the focus on this day.

Our local team does not want to be responsible for the care and school attendance of the children, but to build relationships with the kids.

We as an organisation want to give the children a safe place, an ear to listen and that works best on a basis of trust that can be formed and grows in situations and days like these.

Another highlight was the sponsorship letters our children received from their sponsors in Germany. For some children it was not only the first contact with the sponsors, but also the first letter they had ever received.

The amazement was great and the smiling faces priceless. In return, the kids wrote letters for their godparents in Germany, which hopefully also put a big smile on the faces in Germany.

With such actions we want to build relationships with our children and at the same time create transparency to keep the sponsors in Germany up to date.

Thank you for your trust and for making such days possible with your sponsorships!

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